The 5 Cent Slot Machine

The 5 Cent Slot Machine

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Slot machines are the main draws of even the largest casinos nowadays. Among the many slot machines, the 5 cent slot machine is one of the most popular.

The slot machine was invented by the American mechanic, Charles Fey, in 1887. What he first made was the 5 cent slot machine. Fey then rented out his invention to gambling houses for half the profit it raked in. You can still see examples of the original 5 cent slot machine on display in Reno. Some are also available for sale online.

The original 5 cent slot machine already featured the symbols of playing cards, such as diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs, as well as stars, bells and horseshoes. Interestingly, these same symbols persist in today’s slot machines. Many of Fey’s ideas for the original 5 cent slot machine are actually still being used at present. Machines are still painted with bright colors using popular designs and images to attract a wide range of players. Upbeat music and other sound effects add to the attraction and excitement of playing.

The original 5 cent slot machine paid out two coins whenever a player hit two horseshoes. Twenty coins were paid out for hitting three bells. Other combinations had corresponding payouts, as well.

In time, more innovations were made on the slot machine. Current machines have as much as eight to ten reels. They also accept much higher denominations, with up to five hundred dollars for a spin. Of course, payouts have gone up, too.

People still love to play on smaller denomination slot machines like the 5 cent slot machine, though, because it stretches the bankroll and allows a longer playing time. Some players believe that since the 5 cent slot machine is played more often, it has a higher turnaround. This means there is a greater chance for a player to catch the moment when the machine pays out.

Regular players have different playing systems. Some play all the lines, betting the minimum for each line. Others alternate playing the lines, betting the maximum each time.

They all recommend reading the notices beside each machine before playing, though. Some machines will not pay out if you do not bet the maximum. Others multiply the payout a hundred times if you play the maximum. It’s always better to read before you play so you don’t regret anything in case you hit.

The bottomline is still to always have a limit. Determine your limit before playing and stick to it no matter what. Remember that all slot machines are programmed to earn more than they pay out, so even a 5 cent slot machine can clean you out if you allow it to.

As long as you play responsibly, you can enjoy playing the 5 cent slot machine and still come out the winner.